KSC team delves into wearable tech in space

KSC Delves in Wearable Tech

In the image above,  NASA engineers Delvin VanNorman, Michael McDonough, Kelvin Ruiz, David Miranda and Allan Villorin in the lab experimenting with Epson and Vuzix smart glasses. (Photo: Malcolm Denemark/FLORIDA TODAY)

On his “smart” watch, David Miranda checks e-mail and appointments, dictates text messages and performs Google searches, among other tasks.

The accessory makes the Kennedy Space Center engineer an early adopter of “wearable technology” that one leading consumer electronics company predicts will emerge as a hot workplace trend this year .

But in “wearables” like the LG watch or Google Glass eye wear, Miranda and a group of colleagues see the potential for something more visionary: helping KSC workers do their jobs more safely and efficiently, and maybe someday also astronaut explorers.

“Whether they’re walking on the Martian surface or on an asteroid, this could give them a lot of critical information to help them be successful,” said Miranda, 31, of Orlando.

Miranda leads an eight-person team of young engineers who this month are beginning a two-year project to develop a prototype headset that works something like a Google Glass for space operations.

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Source*: FloridaToday.com

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