Principal Technologist: Molly Anderson

Principal Technologist for Next Generation Life Support
Space Technology Mission Directorate

281-483-9149 (o)

Education: B.S. Chemical Engineering from University of Virginia (2001)
Masters of Chemical Engineering from University of Houston (2005)

Mrs. Anderson has participated in and led a wide range of technology development, architecture analysis, and conceptual design. She began her career developing simulations of advanced closed-loop life support system components, and performing trade studies examining the integration of new technologies into systems. She led the Advanced Life Support (ALS) System Integration Modeling and Analysis (SIMA) team and has led technology development projects for life support, EVA, and thermal system components. She has participated in many conceptual design studies many exploration vehicles, including landers, space habitats, surface mission components, and asteroid mission development. She was the life support system lead for the Altair Lunar Lander, and led development of a Deep Space Habitat for the Exploration Mission Systems Office. She is a graduate of the NASA Mid-Level Leadership Program and performed a rotation in the Office of Agency Council Staff at NASA Headquarters. She most recently served as deputy project manager for the GCD Next Generation Life Support project.

Current Interests:
Technologies that enhance the performance and independence of future space exploration missions:
· Robust, reliable life support systems and space suits
· Thermal control technologies for a wide variety of challenging environments
· In-Situ Resource Utilization
· Biologically inspired systems & systems that impact the human crewmember biology