David Goggin

Assistant Chief Engineer
Game Changing Development Program
Space Technology Mission Directorate



David received his Master of Science and Mechanical Engineering degree from Texas A&M University in 1979 and began supporting the space program at Rocketdyne as a dynamics engineer for the Space Shuttle Main Engine including design improvements projects during the post-Challenger effort. He began supporting NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center as a contractor in 1989 where he received the Silver Snoopy Award for identifying potential dynamic instability on the Alternate High Pressure Fuel Turbopump. David served as the lead systems engineer (LSE) on Integrated Vehicle Health Management and helped pioneered systems analysis and technology development processes.

David served as a Chief Engineer for the Shuttle Propulsion Systems Engineering and Integration during Return to Flight following the Columbia incident. He served as the integration lead for removing the protuberance air load ramps from the external tank–the largest outer mold line change in the Shuttle history.

David was the project manager (PM) for the Ares I-X avionics prime contract from procurement through the critical design review. David served as the PM and LSE for the Analytical Mechanics Associates Heavy Lift Vehicle Systems Analysis and Trade Study Broad Agency Announcement that supported NASA’s vehicle selection process for the Space Launch System Program. David leads Langley Research Center’s Engineering Design Studio that conducts mission and project formulation studies and technology assessment and technology roadmapping studies.