Sonny Mitchell

Program Element Manager
Game Changing Development Program
Space Technology Mission Directorate



Prior to joining GCD this January, Sonny Mitchell served as Project Manager for the Nuclear Thermal Propulsion project at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center. In this role, he led a team in the development of a low-enriched uranium nuclear rocket engine for human Mars missions. During his career, Sonny also served as Chief for the Systems Engineering and Integration Division and as Chief Engineer for several flight projects.

Sonny holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and has more than 32 years of experience developing and flying space flight systems at NASA. His areas of expertise include project management, systems engineering, and mission operations. In his spare time, Sonny enjoys collecting and restoring 1960s and 1970s era muscle cars.

  • Autonomous PUFFER (A-PUFFER)
  • Cooperative Autonomous Distributed Robotic Explorers (CADRE)
  • Lunar Surface Solar Array (LSSA)
  • Dust Mitigation (DM)
  • Polar Resources Ice Mining Experiment-1 (PRIME-1)