Set of images showing the PUFFER structure and framework.


Pop-Up Flat Folding Explorer Robots, or PUFFER, is a small, origami-inspired robotic technology under development to provide a low-volume, low-cost mission enhancement for accessing new science from extreme terrains that are of high interest to future NASA missions. A “pop-up” robot that folds into a small, smartphone-sized weight and volume, PUFFER’s compact design means numerous robots can be packed into a larger “parent” craft at a low payload cost, then deployed on a planet’s surface individually to increase surface mobility.

Principal Technologist Project Manager
Terry Fong (terry.fong@nasa.gov) Jean-Pierre “JP” de la Croix (jean-pierre.de.la.croix@jpl.nasa.gov)

NASA Developing PUFFER As Small Companion To Main Mars Rover

PUFFER   The International Business Times (3/21) reports on NASA’s development of the PUFFER (Pop-Up Flat Folding Explorer Robot), which the agency’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory is designing as a smaller companion for a standard Mars rover. NASA explained that PUFFER could “explore areas that might be too risky for a full-fledged rover to go, such […]

Origami-inspired Robot Can Hitch a Ride with a Rover

PUFFER   The next rovers to explore another planet might bring along a scout. The Pop-Up Flat Folding Explorer Robot (PUFFER) in development at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, was inspired by origami. Its lightweight design is capable of flattening itself, tucking in its wheels and crawling into places rovers can’t fit. Over […]

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