SpaceCraft Oxygen Recovery (SCOR)

Picture of Substrate loaded with carbon from Honeywell Aerospace’s Carbon Vapor Deposition process.

Substrate loaded with carbon from Honeywell Aerospace’s Carbon Vapor Deposition process.
Credit: NASA

The SpaceCraft Oxygen Recovery (SCOR) project will develop advanced technologies for recovery of oxygen from carbon dioxide beyond the state-of-the-art Sabatier process. The Sabatier hardware has operated on the International Space Station as the Carbon Dioxide Reduction Assembly with an average estimated recovery of about 47 percent. SCOR technologies are expected to more than double this value. These technologies will seek to increase mission affordability, performance, vehicle self-sufficiency and life support systems closure, through decreasing consumable mass and other mission resources.

SCOR development was designed to occur in two phases: Phase I, the engineering development unit (EDU), involved the design, fabrication, and demonstration of an EDU capable of empirically demonstrating the capability of the proposed technology. Phase II, the current stage, is the prototype hardware phase during which development occurs of a more mature brassboard system capable of recovering the target rate of oxygen from a representative input gas stream.

SCOR supports NASA’s Strategic Goal 1: “”Extend human presence deeper into space and to the moon for sustainable long-term exploration and utilization” and Objective 3.1: “Develop and Transfer Revolutionary Technologies to Enable Exploration Capabilities for NASA and the Nation.” The project aligns with the Space Technology Mission Directorate’s strategic thrust “Enable Humans to Live and Explore on Planetary Surfaces,” which includes technologies for long duration human exploration missions including near closed-loop air revitalization.

The key programmatic goals are to:

  1. Develop oxygen recovery technology that significantly increases the recovery of oxygen from carbon dioxide over current state-of-the-art.
  2. Reduce the mass of a recovery system (which includes consumables) with comparable oxygen production rates.
Principal Technologist Project Manager
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